Sell Structured Settlements & Annuity Payments is a direct funder that specializes in the purchase of structured settlement payments, annuity payments, and lottery winnings. Our team has helped thousands of people receive lump sum payments for their future payments. Sometimes unexpected situations arise, and when they do you can count on us to get you the money you need!

“I want to thank for helping me get the cash I needed quickly. My family was at risk of losing our home, but one phone call to got us the money we needed to save our house!” – Jessica P – Atlanta, GA

If you need access to cash quickly and receive structured settlement payments or annuity payments then we can buy them from you and get you a one time lump sum cash payment for the entire settlement or annuity, or just for a portion of the payments. Unlike many companies that try to purchase the entire settlement from you, carefully reviews and discusses your situation and needs and custom tailors a purchase agreement to meet your needs while leaving you with as much of the payments as possible.

Structured Settlements

A structured settlement is awarded in order to satisfy a lawsuit or judgment and they are paid over a longer period of time in periodic payments. While they provide a steady source of income, sometimes unpredictable circumstances surface and leave the beneficiary in need of money. gives consumers the option to sell their structured settlement payments for cash, allowing them to take care of the situation.

Annuity Payments

Annuities are great as they provide a great source of income over time. However, annuitiesdo not benefit someone when they need to access that money, and therefore we are available to help turn your annuity payments into cash.

“I had set up an annuity years ago as a source of income but when I tried to get some of the cash out to pay for a medical procedure they told me there was nothing they could do. We were able to get me the money I needed and I was able to keep the majority of my annuity payments! I can’t thank them enough!” – Timothy G – Seattle, WA

Lottery Payments

If you are being paid lottery winnings why not turn those into a single lump sum payment and take advantage of a large amount of money. Purchase a new home, car, start a business, or use it for investments. The money is yours to do what you want. Our experienced financial staff is also available to help you with any financial related questions that you may have.

Lump Sum Payment Options

We can help you get a lump sum payment for your lottery winnings, structured settlements, or annuity payments. It is important to understand that as a direct funder, we have a major edge over the competition. We are able to close deals faster and offer more money for each purchase. There are not any brokers involved, nor any additional hidden fees that leave you with less money at the end.

If you are ready to speak to a specialist about your structured settlement or annuity payments then fill out the contact form above and one of your consultants will give you an immediate phone call to discuss your situation.